Touching Fan Mail

Having a novel published has been very exciting, but it’s even more exciting when people actually connect with your work. Authors spend so much time alone, it’s really hard to tell if anyone besides you will like your work.

Since the book came out, I’ve been getting the occasional fan e-mail, which always brightens my day. This one in particular stood out and made me feel as though my book is somewhat of a positive force.  I wanted to share it.


I have never wrote to an author before, but I wanted to tell you how much your book touched my soul. I felt like you had written my life story!

My mother was born in Japan, met my American GI father and married, was disowned by her family, came to the states and had me and my brother. We are both Hapa. I have to tell you one of the funniest parts of the book was when Sue talked about how people thought she was Mexican! I cannot tell you how many times someone has asked me if I was Mexican!

I am not close to my mother and have always felt like she never understood me, was very critical, etc. As an adult I distanced myself from her and only spent the minimum amount of time I had to spend with her.

Your book was very eye opening to me. As selfish as this sounds, I never really thought about my what my mom may have gone thru or sacrificed before her life here. I am sure she had to change her own values, beliefs, dreams, etc to be accepted here.

To hear things from Shoko’s point of view it made me think back to the things my mother has said or done and I saw it from a whole new perspective and respect.

I could go on and on about all of the similarities and things I loved and learned from your book, but really I just want to say thank you for your book. I am buying a copy for my mother tomorrow when I take her to lunch and hope it makes her think a little differently about me too.

I know. (Reaches for the Kleenex box.)

I’m glad I didn’t give up.

6 thoughts on “Touching Fan Mail

  1. How are things in sunny Hawaii? What a beautiful book cover. I am encouraged that you stuck it out and finished your novel. PUBLISHED! YAY! It gives me renewed enthusiasm and hope for my own project. Baby 5 is doing a doozy on my energy and creativity. I’m so darn tired but I’m excited to press on. CONGRATS! I’ll be keeping my eye out for your book. Jess in Idaho

  2. I have always been fascinated with the Japanese culture. The characters in this book have stayed with me. Looking forward to reading more from you soon!

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