People Magazine Review

People Magazine reviewed HOW TO BE AN AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE this week.  It’s the one with the Duggars on the cover.  If you don’t know the name Duggar, you might know of a family that has 19 kids.  All single births, I believe.  That adds up to many years of pregnancy.  But I digress.

People gave the book 4 out of 4 stars!  Yay.  And everyone reads People, don’t they?  I subscribe (go, me!) but if I didn’t, I’d read it at my doctor’s office, at the hair salon, in line…

On the plane, I sat next to a woman reading the People mag.  I refrained from grabbing it and turning it to page 46.

3 thoughts on “People Magazine Review

  1. Margaret –
    Congrats on such a great review. YES – I subscribe to People as well and I have to say I listen to a lot of book reviews and have read a bunch of stuff they’ve suggested!
    YAY YOU!
    It was great meeting you at the book launch at B & N the other week…although it didn’t sound as exciting as your hometown book launch – it was just great and such a beautiful display!

  2. Just finished your book and decided to check out your blog. I reserved it from our local library thanks to this review in people! Thanks for a great book. Will be recommending it to others. 🙂

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