Getting Ready for the Book Launch

Less than a week to the book launch. Seems like only yesterday that I signed the contract.  I am lying.  There has not been a single day I have not thought about how long it will be until the book comes out. I signed the contract more than two years ago.

Today we went over to Ala Moana, the big rabbit warren of a mall in Waikiki, to exchange some shorts. I stopped by Barnes & Noble and saw this:

Books! My books are in the store. At least, in the window. People can’t buy them yet. (And yes, Kaiya does need a nap. This was taken late in the afternoon).

The community relations manager showed me a HUGE 5 foot by 8 foot banner that was made up for the event. “We’ve never had a sign like this,” she said, clearly delighted, as she and another guy rolled it out for me to see. It was printed on a plastic canvas, like the all-weather banners used for kids’ sports teams. I think I’ll hang it up outside of my house when the event’s done.

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Book Launch

  1. I love that Barnes & Noble! The community relations manager and the store manager are both awesome people and there’s a pretty good selection of Hawaiiana there if you look.

    Although I also love the Kahala B&N. They’re both excellent.

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