Redbook came out.  For the past week people have been e-mailing me telling me they had seen the review.  But here in Hawaii, it hadn’t hit newsstands yet.

Finally yesterday my husband procured one at the Longs across from his work.

I have to love a review that references Mad Men, my favorite show, even if it says it’s not a Mad Men throwback it still got my attention in a good way.

Yay, Redbook!

4 thoughts on “Redbook

  1. A friend in San Francisco scanned your review in the mag and emailed it to me last night, apparently. Read it this morning. I was just going to email you about it when I saw your post. Awesome! The Mad Men reference was unexpected but completely cool. It’s also good to know that everything I say about your book to friends and acquaintances does not fall on deaf ears.

  2. Great review! Can’t wait to read it. I think I’ll just buy it at B&N when you’re in SD so you can sign it! 🙂

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