Hello Kitty at a Ritzy Beachside Location

We drove to Kahala today, looking for beach access. My friend Sasha, whose husband was stationed here a few years ago, gave me her old Oahu map and there are some helpful notations on it, such as BEACH ACCESS. We found it right where she had marked it, in between two rows of fancy homes.  “Robin’s Nest!” Cadillac exclaimed, pointing over a crumbing wall. Indeed, it did look like Robin’s Nest from Magnum P.I., if Robin’s Nest had been foreclosed on and left for shambles.

Unfortunately, it was high tide and the water was coming right up to the wall.  No beach to speak of and it smelled like poop.

We then drove around Kahala (just east of Diamond Head) looking for different beach access and came across this treasure of a pink house, amid all the other multi-million dollar homes on acre plots:

2009 06 10 001And the detail of garage:

2009 06 10 002

I wonder what the neighbors think.

Thoughts? Comments?

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