Miss Havisham’s House

06 01 09 069We finally got out of Miss Havisham’s house after the Mold Guy came by. Though he was unable to share the results with me, he did have a moisture-measuring device that BEEEEEEPED like a dying patient every time the moisture level was too high.  Needless to say, I couldn’t help but see what the machine reading was, as he was right in front of me. The moisture level was too high in several areas, basically wherever there was a window.  “It’s rotten,” he told me, poking the soft drywall beneath a window.  The reading was over 40; normal is 13.

Ethan with mold air sample machine
Ethan with mold air sample machine

I see.

The management company says they have 14 days to return the deposit; they have not said they will, nor have they said they won’t.

Now we are ensconced in a small townhouse in the Hawaii Kai suburb.  Its main attractions: no mold, a park across the street, a 6 month lease, and two free TVs from the previous tenants, who also told us about the greatness of the elementary school.  The first time I looked up this school on GreatSchools.net, it was rated an 8. Now it’s been downgraded, since last week, to a 6.  Apparently this year’s standardized tests went downhill.  What gives? I went into the office to inquire about registration.  “It’s a….pretty good school…” the office woman said, her eyes focused on some distant object in space.

Maybe I’ll homeschool after all.

Thoughts? Comments?

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