To All the Blogs I’ve Never Loved Before

I’m a bad mother.  I’ve orphaned more blogs than I can remember the passwords to.  A trail of broken words, one post here, another post deleted. This has got to stop. My husband, Cadillac, doesn’t understand blogging.  Facebook, with its stalkerish “XXX is now commenting on So & So’s page” freaks him out.  “Why doContinue reading “To All the Blogs I’ve Never Loved Before”

Resurrection of a Fish

Today I bought a Plecostomus (algae eater) for the backyard pond, having been reassured by Petco that it was indeed a cold-water fish. I stuck the bag in and noted with delight that Squirtle the Turtle had come back from his winter’s hibernation. The pond was warming up! I returned in a few minutes andContinue reading “Resurrection of a Fish”