Oh, Dear

Eldest daughter was sick on Weds, if you count being sick as having a runny nose and crawling around on the floor playing imaginary Harry Potter games with the stuffed animals.  Today Son stayed home, though he wanted to go to school; he’s coughing but in general good spirits, watching a GODZILLA DVD over and over and playing Katamari Damacy on his PS2.  If you have never played Katamari, you should.  It’s a trippy Japanese game in which you’re a tiny alien Prince who rolls around a Katamari ball, which collects objects like a giant wad of gum.  Eventually, it gets so large that it sucks up the earth.  It’s awesome.

Anyway, Little Girl fell asleep on the couch this morning and except for a trip to the bathroom (thank goodness), she has been sleeping.  She’s hot, but she always gets hot when she sleeps.  I’m hoping she’s cocooning and she’ll be better tomorrow.

Oh, she just got up in good spirits! Maybe it was just the time change; she’s been operating on like 8 hrs of sleep a night for the past week (used to be 12).

Here is a Katamari Video.


Thoughts? Comments?

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