1.  When I was little, my hair was red and curly.
  2. I call my hair dark brown now. My kids call it black.
  3. I was a cat person until we got Gatsby. Now I’m more of a dog person. Or at least a Gatsby person.
  4. I love me some sushi, but I am not a fan of uni or octopus. I just don’t like the taste of uni, and octopi are so darn smart and fun to watch I can’t stomach them.
  5. Everything I know about cooking I learned from watching TOP CHEF. It needs acid for balance! It needs salt! Make it work! (No, that’s PROJECT RUNWAY)
  6. Things I need to prevent crankiness:
    1. Sleep
    2. Coffee
    3. Food
    4. Writing
  7. I had no meds when I gave birth to my middle child. I had pain meds for the third. My first was induced, so I had no choice.
  8. When I was little, I wanted to take art lessons, but my parents couldn’t make it happen. I decided to be a writer since I didn’t need supplies.
  9. I wish my mother had taught me Japanese. She thought us kids wouldn’t learn English well if we knew Japanese. But Japanese is darn hard to learn as an adult.