Over the weekend, I read about an armored car crash in Maryland reported by the AP. After the crash, money spilled out and people stopped their cars to grab it. The police, of course, have asked people to return it.

The article asks, “What would you do?”

Check this out. From the article:

Chicago billing clerk Stephany Harris, 53, didn’t miss a beat.

“Of course I would,” she said. “If the armored car had been in an accident of something, I’d make sure the drivers were OK and I’d call 911. But I’d put as much money in my pockets (as I could) and run.”

But what if her kids were there? “I absolutely would not take any money,” she answered again without hesitation. “I wouldn’t want them to get the message that grabbing money that is not yours is the right thing to do.”

Okay, so you would steal the money if your kids weren’t there, but not if they were? What about when they, I don’t know, READ ABOUT THIS IN THE NEWSPAPER? It’s on the AP wire, lady! It’s all over the world!

Maybe they don’t get the paper. I hope one of her kids’ classmates brings this clipping in on for social studies. I’ll tell you one thing, I wouldn’t let Stephany Harris  be my billing clerk anymore. Steal money? Yes, of course! As long as I think I can get away with it!

Also, is anyone else wondering why they interviewed a lady from Chicago for this story taking place in Maryland, which is also the location of the writer?

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins
International Money Pile in Cash and Coins (Photo credit: epSos.de)