I don’t know about you, but I get a lot of deals in my in-boxes. All these ads where you buy 2 for 1 whatevers, or spend $10 and get $30 worth of food, and so on, and so forth.

And most of them are totally things I’d buy, or do.

My favorites are the Living Social Escapes and Adventures. There’s a Parisian trip where you get a 3 or 5 night stay in an M-type room (whatever M type is); daily breakfast for 2; 30- minute ice bar experience for 2 with Grey Goose vodka cocktails (whatever an ice bar is, but it SOUNDS SO EXCITING!) for $519 or $779 (regular for the short stay is $1077).

Under ADVENTURES, they’ve got a Snowshoe, Fondue and Wine experience in Colorado for $122 (doesn’t say what the regular price is). Doesn’t it sound like fun?

If I had unlimited resources I’d be buying everything. On second thought, maybe not. Has anyone else found that sometimes the deals are hard to execute? I mean, sometimes the deals work out smoothly, but other times I have found the business gets sooo busy that they have trouble booking you, or they give you less than great service because you bought it for cheap. Or you let the coupon expire because you never get around to going.

But there’s always that hope.

Anyway, I decided to list all the deals in my inbox today. There are more in my spam folders, but I was too lazy to confirm their legitimacy.


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Living Social

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