The Tooting Horn

For a house with more women than men, there are a surprising number of fart jokes.

So, Son just started playing trombone. At school, they have music. You can choose chorus (free), orchestra, or band. If you do orchestra or band, you have to rent or buy an instrument, get a music book, stand, and, above all, be committed to practice.

Son insisted he wanted trombone. I guess the band teacher said he could always use trombone players, and Son likes to please.

We decided to have him do it. Music is good for kids, lessons are, after all, free, and instrument rental is about $20 per month. We’re looking on Craigslist for a used trombone (new they are kinda pricey).

Anyway, he’s been practicing. So far, with one lesson, this consists of trying out high notes, and low notes.

Every time he begins, the girls and I jump, thinking *someone* is breaking wind. The boys find this hilarious, of course, so Son delights in practicing.

The cat does not appreciate such musical endeavors, however. The other night, Eldest practiced her guitar while Son practiced trombone.

Here it is, if you’re brave.

Thoughts? Comments?

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