On Friday, the paperback publisher, Berkley, is having a video production team come out to San Diego and film me for two days, to make a trailer.  The paperback will be part of the “What the World is Reading” campaign, so they’ll use this to help promote it.

It’s my first book trailer/official video, so I’m excited.  Because my main points of reference these days are children’s TV*, this was my reaction:

(And yes, my kids are all too old for this show and haven’t watched it in at least a year, but the song is STILL IN MY HEAD.  Insidious!)

But see, they’re going to film me at my house, at the beach, and at the Japanese Friendship Garden. Pretty nifty, right?

It’s Wednesday, and I’m wondering if I clean the house today, will it stay clean until Friday?  I don’t have time tomorrow to do it. (Answer: no)

Should it just be the writer in her natural state, surrounded by toys and school-related detritus? (answer: no. It’s high-def and I definitely need to be wearing make-up).

And what should I wear?

What if the gardeners show up during filming and begin blowing the leaf blowers at a crucial moment?

What if the cat chooses this moment to hurl/take a giant stinky litterbox break/chew on electrical cords?

What if my hair sticks up and I can’t fix it?

What if I frown during my sleep and I get a big wrinkle that won’t go away?  What if my hair turns gray overnight?  What if I eat broccoli and cause a huge bloat?

Yes, I know worrying is needless (there could be the Big One, the quake that breaks Cali from the mainland), but I’m so good at it!

I’m sure it will be fantastic.

I should get that printed on a bracelet.

And hey, check out my new Events page.  Hopefully I’ll be adding some more events soon.

*When I’m home alone, I invariably tune first to the Disney channel or Nickelodeon, realize my mistake and search for something else to watch, only to conclude there’s absolutely nothing on the two million extended cable channels during the day. Gotta cancel that cable.