Most of the time, my days are quite boring. I sit and I write.  Then I eat, then I write. Sometimes I go for a walk, or get kids, or clean the bathroom, or go on a field trip.  If I’m very lucky, I have lunch or coffee with friends.

In other words, I work, from home.  Ho-hum.

But I usually manage to see some interesting stuff.  Interesting to me, anyway.

Here’s some stuff I saw today.

1.  After I dropped off the kids, I saw a man running barefoot.  At first I thought his house was on fire and he was running away; or he’d been robbing a house; or  perhaps he’d had to hightail it out of his mistress’s house when her hubby walked in (a writer’s imagination, you know) but he just appeared to be…jogging.  Barefoot.  More power to you, sir.  I was driving, and he was running, so I couldn’t take a photo.

2. Next, a woman walked eight dogs, ranging in size from a tiny Maltese to a big Sheepdog.  I assume she’s a dog walker, only because you’re not allowed to have that many dogs in the city.  Do I live in a neighborhood where people can afford dog walkers, I wondered next?  I suppose that will be my next aspirational rung.  To afford a dog walker.  Or even a dog.  Actually, we can’t have a dog, because Little Girl is allergic.  Wah!  So much for that.

3.  At home, I turned on the sprinklers and saw this:


The gardeners had a  bad day yesterday, I guess.  I think they broke this, because I noticed that the ground was all dug up around this sprinkler nozzle.  Also, in the backyard there were pieces of a Band-Aid, plus some bloody tissue, like one of them had gotten cut.  Doh!

3. I walked at Lake Murray and saw about 10 rabbits that were so big and fat I thought they were jack rabbits, but they were big and fat cotton tails.  Where art thou, coyotes?  And what are all the rabbits doing out in the day?

4. I went to the library to pick up a hold and saw this:

MY BOOK on the shelf next to my hold book. How meta-fantastic.

I hung around for a minute, hoping this “Dollman” person would come in and pick up my book; but he or she did not.

The librarian scanned my books, then looked at me and said, “You’re at your limit.”

How does she know?  I wondered.

“Your book limit.”


Turns out they had not scanned in all the returns, plus the kids have books at home they’ve been hoarding.

And check this out– our library even has a ZUMBA program.  Zumba.  In a library.  I must check it out.