Creepy Mascots

Mascots are supposed to be cute and fun.  Generally I find them to be neither.  I mean, I suppose some people love these things, because otherwise they wouldn’t be around, would they?

When I was a kid, I found Manny, Moe and Jack to be extremely creepy. I always thought they were leering at me from the top of the auto parts store.  I mean really.  Look at them.  Are they supposed to be reassuring?  They look like they’re going to throw you in the back of a windowless van.

Cadillac dislikes Snuggles the Bear from the fabric softener commercial.  “It looks like it’s sneaking around in your laundry basket, trying to kill you,” he says. 

The Stanford Tree also ranks high on the creepiness meter.  If I saw that tree coming at me, I’d take a chainsaw to it.

You know this dude took off his costume and told everyone this cheerleader was his new girlfriend.

And Cadillac hates all clowns, as I noted in our camping post.

Which mascots bother you?


3 thoughts on “Creepy Mascots

  1. Food as a mascot always creeps me out. Usually it’s like a giant bagel with eyes or something.

    I remember when I was a kid there was a mom & pop donut shop that had “Mr. Kruller” as their mascot. He was marching in the 4th of July parade and passed out from the heat…

    I’ll never forget Mr. Kruller face-down in the gutter.

    Oh, the therapy…

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