Butter Time!

The other day, the kids and I made butter.  At $3.47 per quart of heavy cream, for a second I thought it would be cheaper than actually buying butter.  It’s not.  That much cream makes about a pound of butter. Not that I weighed it, but that’s what it looked like.

Butter at Costco is around $8 for 8 sticks.

But homemade butter is delicious.  And because it’s homemade, it’s got ZERO calories!  Isn’t that the way it works?

  • To make butter, you put heavy cream in a jar and roll it around for 20 minutes.  This is why it’s a good kid activity.  Except my kids got bored.  Then I had to finish it. Also, make sure the jar is watertight.  The first jar I used leaked and it was not pretty.
  • The liquids will separate from the solids quite suddenly. This is buttermilk! Pour this off and use it for pancakes or biscuits or something.
  • Take out the butter and knead it under cool running water to get the rest of the liquid out. This will help it keep longer.
  • Add salt or flavorings. I think roasted garlic would be good.  Around here along the roads, people sell lillikoi (passionfruit) butter.
  • Alternately, use a food processor.  Don’t overload it.  The machine takes about 10 minutes.

I wonder how someone came up with butter?  Accidentally rolled the cream around?

Thoughts? Comments?

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