Ode to William Shatner, the Singer

I find William Shatner endlessly entertaining and have for years, thank you very much, way before he got the role on that show with James Spader. Because a long time ago, he was doing spoken-word records and singing.

Anyway, one of my favorite songs is his version of “Common People” originally done by Pulp. “Common People” was always one of Cadillac’s favorite songs, and it always irritated me. The song is melodramatic and about a rich girl who pretends to be poor and is serious where it should be humorous. I was mostly irritated because I was afraid my husband really did think it was a deep, meaningful song, and if that were the case then I wished I knew it before I married him. He claims that he thinks it’s merely a funny song, but I suspect he is just saying that. “Funny” is his adjective for “anything weird or potentially objectionable that I partake in, but I don’t want anyone objecting to, so I say I like it because it’s ‘funny,’ which may mean interesting or humorus, not that I ever laugh during these ‘funny’ moments.”

Anyway, Shatner’s version plays up the melodrama and makes the song all it was meant to be. Funny, ha-ha, chuckle funny.

That’s why I love it.

This is a video mashup of the song,coupled with cartoon.

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