08 19 09 001Did I mention I have a pub date for my novel?  Or month, anyway.  May 2010.

I know this because I just got a copy of my bound manuscript.  The cover art hasn’t been done yet, so this is a pretty plain looking book.  But, it looks like a book, more like a real book than anything else I’ve ever seen with my name on it, and it even has the copyright page in it.  Copyright 2010 by Margaret Dilloway.  It’s close to 500 pages, but on the back it says it’s 288. 

The book with my name and copyright and Putnam's info.
The book with my name and copyright and Putnam's info.


The book also smells really good.  It smells clean, sort of like fresh-washed cotton, and a bit sweet.  But that might be the Lucky Charm marshmallow that promptly got squished on the back of it.

 Next comes the ARC, or Advance Reader Copy, which is an even nicer bound copy.  It might even have cover art on it.  I’m not sure how long that takes. 

 And this week, I got my copyedited version back electronically.  I have to agree or disagree with the copyeditor’s remarks. The copyeditor seems like a reasonable person– I have no idea if the copy editor is male or female.  The only thing I’m having trouble with is a sentence in my author’s notes. The CE explained to me why the sentence is grammatically incorrect– something about how the subjects don’t agree in the sentence and the grammar rule that breaks– but I still don’t know how to fix it.  Maybe this will require an e-mail to my mother in law, who has a Master’s in English and is a grammar queen. 

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