Home Alone

It is a great day in my history.

My children are all at school until 2 pm. And for the first time ever, my youngest is in school five days a week to prepare her for kindergarten next year, and also because she loooves school and complains if she is not there.

Of course, drop off is a logistical nightmare. They all start at the same time and get out at the same time, but the elementary and the middle schools are 15 minutes apart. So somebody always has to get there hella early and somebody always has to wait around. The pre-K is next to the middle, so I can get the little one at the same time as the oldest.

But hey, some crazy driving is worth it. (By the way, I thought that with the lower speed limits and the aloha spirit, drivers would be courteous and less speed demon-y. Not so. It’s just as crazy as anywhere else in America).

I thought about homeschooling for about a minute, then gave up the idea when I realized that my children never listen to me, lessons-wise, and love to be with their friends. Besides, Elyse is taking Japanese, which is awesome and not offered at the school on the mainland.


And now I work.

Thoughts? Comments?

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