Dyeing Easter Eggs with Ties

I saw an article about dyeing eggs using silk ties and just had to try it. After all, my husband’s new work clothes consist of a Hawaiian shirt and khakis, so most of his ties are going bye-bye. I asked him for a couple.

I was stymied by my lack of rubber bands, though my son later produced a large packet of them out of his room (after we were all done).

Tie-dyed Eggs
silk ties
old white T-shirt
rubber bands
white vinegar

Basically,you simply cut out the silk into a square, then the T-shirt into a larger square.

the egg on the material
the egg on the material

Wrap these around the egg and secure with a rubber band. Put the eggs in a (nonaluminum) pan and cover with water. Slosh some vinegar in there. (No measurements are given.)

Bring to a boil, simmer for 25 minutes. Let cool and unwrap the eggs.


Presto, change-o. The silk pattern gets transferred.


I would imagine this would work with other silk prints, too…give it a whirl.

My own children were more interested in making these fancy glittery eggs and painting, not the ties. Elyse did score a tie to wear, which she did for the next three days.





Thoughts? Comments?

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