The older I get, the older I get.

This is mostly most apparent to me when I try to figure out how to do something on la computadora.

Right now, I’m attempting to put a “FEEDJIT” thingie on here…it says “Paste into sidebar on your blog.”

I don’t see no sidebar. Where’s there a sidebar? Sidebar? Is it on my homepage?

I also suspect that if I set my children up with an old computer, free time, and some basic computer programming skills, they would be hacking into supercomputers in no time. But, I don’t know how programming even works. I remember in 7th grade, we took “Computers” and we made programs that created floating boxes and things like that, but what program do you do that in? It’s a mystery.

Once upon a time, I knew HTML. It’s not hard. It’s like doing taxes– it’s annoying and you have a reference table and if you have a typo you’ll end up owing millions to the IRS. Once upon a time, I wrote BLUETOOTH FOR DUMMIES. But I can’t take credit for that at ALL, because all I did was go around asking the actual engineers how things worked, and they were kind enough to explain it all.


Off on my sidebar search again.