ALA Anaheim 2012

went to ALA Annual this year and here is some stuff I saw. A guy (or girl) in an inflated Captain Underpants suit. I was too lazy to stand in line for a real pic. My photo on a poster outside. I read from The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns. People were milling … Continue reading ALA Anaheim 2012

Rock Bottom Remainders at ALA

This is the fact: I generally have a better time when I am wearing flats, not heels. Heels (the possible exception being those leather-soled ballroom dance heels, which I haven't broken out for years) force me into being an observer rather than a participant. You should be glad I thought of this last night as … Continue reading Rock Bottom Remainders at ALA

Morning at Children’s Hospital

Recently, I asked the kids’ pediatrician for a referral to the cardiologist, so they could get echocardiograms to see if they have noncompaction cardiomyopathy, the genetic heart condition that runs in my family. I am hoping the kids got Cadillac's heart. Everyone in his family, on both sides, lives into their 90s, as long as … Continue reading Morning at Children’s Hospital

Health(ier) Pumpkin Bread

I like me some bread that's more like a cake. So when I saw my friend M. posting on Facebook about her awesome pumpkin bread, I asked for the recipe and made it. It's from a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, with some modifications (at the bottom). Here's the recipe straight from my cook book … Continue reading Health(ier) Pumpkin Bread

Mickey Mouse Beignets

For Christmas, my friend bought me a Delicious Disney Desserts cookbook (it doesn't seem to be widely available; I think you have to get it at a Disney park, through another vendor like the link, or on eBay). One of the recipes was for Mickey Mouse beignets. Of course, since we had just gotten back … Continue reading Mickey Mouse Beignets