Rock Bottom Remainders at ALA

This is the fact: I generally have a better time when I am wearing flats, not heels. Heels (the possible exception being those leather-soled ballroom dance heels, which I haven’t broken out for years) force me into being an observer rather than a participant. You should be glad I thought of this last night asContinue reading “Rock Bottom Remainders at ALA”

Morning at Children’s Hospital

Recently, I asked the kids’ pediatrician for a referral to the cardiologist, so they could get echocardiograms to see if they have noncompaction cardiomyopathy, the genetic heart condition that runs in my family. I am hoping the kids got Cadillac’s heart. Everyone in his family, on both sides, lives into their 90s, as long asContinue reading “Morning at Children’s Hospital”

Health(ier) Pumpkin Bread

I like me some bread that’s more like a cake. So when I saw my friend M. posting on Facebook about her awesome pumpkin bread, I asked for the recipe and made it. It’s from a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, with some modifications (at the bottom). Here’s the recipe straight from my cook bookContinue reading “Health(ier) Pumpkin Bread”

Mickey Mouse Beignets

For Christmas, my friend bought me a Delicious Disney Desserts cookbook (it doesn’t seem to be widely available; I think you have to get it at a Disney park, through another vendor like the link, or on eBay). One of the recipes was for Mickey Mouse beignets. Of course, since we had just gotten backContinue reading “Mickey Mouse Beignets”