I offer writing, editing, and consultation services to select clients, including:

  • Developmental editing: An in-depth assessment of your novel’s strengths and weaknesses, copyediting, phone consult, and an editorial letter advising you how to fix it.
  • Manuscript read and critique: A quicker, less expensive option. Includes a manuscript reading and a letter that’s generally about a page long.
  • Coaching: Do you have a book in you, but don’t know how to get it on paper? I’ll analyze your strengths and weaknesses and give you individualized writing exercises, read and edit your pages, and coach you through calls and emails so you can realize your dream. First call is free.
  • Copywriting: Whether you need research-heavy content for your company’s magazine, branded content, a script, a speech to your constituents, or a quick email to your subscribers, I can help.
  • Consulting services: Have a question about content strategy? A project idea that you don’t know how to take from A to C? Talk to me before you waste more time trying to figure it all out.

Margaret is amazing! She provided a thorough line-by-line edit of my middle grade novel, noting strengths and weaknesses in my manuscript. Plus, she analyzed the plot, highlighted plot problems, and suggested ideas for correcting them. All of this she accomplished ahead of schedule. I just wish I’d consulted her much earlier to save myself time and aggravation. I’m excited to complete the rewrite, which I believe will be a very marketable manuscript.

Cynthia Reeg, author of the MONSTER OR DIE triology

Please email dillowayschoolvisits@gmail.com for inquiries and details.