Blood Clots and Grafts and Other Things

I’ve been having a run of bad health luck lately. I got an ablation to correct an extra heartbeat, and my leg hurt afterward. It wasn’t swollen but it hurt as if I’d done 1000 squats on one side and I was dragging it all over the place. My foot burned or felt like pins and needles. My calf ached.

Finally I got an ultrasound and found there was only 70% blood flow. The vascular surgeons opened up my artery (where the wire for ablation goes in) and found the artery walls were basically hacked up. There was also a large blood clot that they removed. They put in a graft and now I have a lovely 7 inch or so scar in my groin down my thigh.

So, if you ever have surgery, be vigilant in monitoring your symptoms afterwards. And if your doctor’s office doesn’t call you back then call them again.

Anyway, I’m off work for 2-3 weeks so I might actually get caught up on my blog!

3 thoughts on “Blood Clots and Grafts and Other Things

  1. Margaret, I am so sorry your body is betraying you. It should behave itself because you are a nice person, a good person, and one of my favorite authors. You are also much too young for this type of ailment. I wish you a speedy recovery from all aspects of your “conditions,” but by the same token, am looking forward to hearing more of my favorite American Housewife.

    Your friend and fan,

    Ursula Harris

  2. Hi Margaret, I’m new to your blog, so I just read about your heart problem. I just want to wish you a healthy and Happy Spring…NO MORE HOSPITAL STAYS, fingers crossed. Your fan, Susan.

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