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CareRosesThorns (2)


Winner of the 2012 American Library Association’s Best Women’s Fiction Award, from the Literary Tastes Reading List


“I was captivated from the very first page. This uplifting novel about family and forgiveness brought me to both laughter and tears. By the end of this honest, engaging journey, I had grown to love all of the characters and was left with a new appreciation of the fragility and beauty of our daily happiness.”

Jean Kwok, New York Times-bestselling author of Girl in Translation

“Rapturous. To say I loved this book is an understatement.”

Caroline Leavitt, New York Times-bestselling author of Pictures of You

“Galilee Garner is as prickly, thorny, and gracefully sweet as one of her prize roses. And her supporting characters bloom with their own quirks and virtues. A fun and uplifting read.”

–Tiffany Baker, New York Times-bestselling author of The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

Thirty-six year old Gal Garner lives a regimented life. Her job teaching biology and her struggle with kidney disease keep her toggling between the high school, the hospital, and home on a strict schedule. Only at home, in her gardens, does Gal come alive. But even her passion, rose breeding, has a tangible and highly structured goal: Gal wants to create a new breed of rose, win Queen of Show in a major competition, and bring that rose to market…

Then one afternoon Gal’s niece Riley, the daughter of her estranged sister, arrives.

Unannounced. And their lives will never be the same…


German version, Sept 2013

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