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King Cake

I’ve always wanted to make a King Cake. If by “always wanted” you mean “meant to look up the recipe and always forgot before Mardi Gras.”

This year, I finally managed to overcome my inertia enough to make a King Cake. It’s not that easy, you know. You have to allot a ton of time. There are two rising times and then a bake time. You can’t really do it while you’re running around doing errands.

I got this recipe out of Family Fun magazine. This is how it should look:

You’re supposed to put an oven-safe bowl in the middle. I did not have an oven-safe bowl to put in the middle, so my cake got a little out of control.

I couldn’t believe how big it got! It nearly overran the baking sheet. (Seriously, do you need a square baking sheet?)

I also don’t know why I’m always taking crappy pictures of food I make. I guess I could break out my big camera, but the iPhone is just easier.


I also learned I should have done a better job pinching the seams closed. They looked closed, but the delicious filling (butter and cinnamon and brown sugar) leaked out. However, it turned into a caramel-like substance, crackly and transparent as amber glass. Yum.

The spiral of filling did not look as neat as in the photo, and I think it could use MORE filling than the recipe states; but it was delicious. Like a cinnamon roll. Mmmm.

Also, in case you wondered, I omitted the baby. Whoever gets the baby has to make the next King Cake, and I don’t particularly want the kids to make the next one. Unless they’re home alone with their dad, in which case I won’t return until after the kitchen’s clean.


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  1. February 29, 2012    

    Looks delicious. I’d like to say gee I’m going to try this but I’m going to just enjoy looking at yours and thinking how good it must be.

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